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Q:What if I need more than 7 days?
A: Roll-offs are just $5.00 a day after 7 days.

Q: I know how many total square of shingle I have coming off my roof what size of container do I need?
A: If it is regular asphalt shingles, in our experience 20 sq. in a 10 yd., 30 sq. in a 15 yd., 40 sq. in a 20 yd., 50 sq. in a 25 yd., 60 sq. in a 30 yd.  We DO NOT guarantee you will not be over weight but this is a guideline to help you.  There will be extra room in the container; we have figured this by tonnage.

Q: When will my container be picked up?
A: As soon as a container is called in done we will get it scheduled to be picked-up as soon as possible.  We DO NOT automatically pick them up after 7 days.  If there is a need for a specific pick-up date and time we need to know in advance, atleast 24 hours, and there may be a cost involved.

Q: If I want to pay with a credit card do I give it to the driver?
A: No, you will give your credit card information to one of the nice ladies in the office.

Q: What are the landfill restrictions?
A:We will not accept tires, automobile parts, appliances, water heaters, air conditioners, electronics, TVs, paint, liquids, computer equipment, propane tanks, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, yard waste may not be mixed with other materials, or any other hazardous material due to landfill restrictions.

Q: What if I have yard waste?
A: Due to the set-up of the landfill yard waste may not be mixed with other materials.  We can do a container with yard waste only.
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